video based architecture



playList is a project by LeMaitre & Rosenzveig created in conjunction with other media artists and programmers interested in collaboratively authoring multi-threaded audio visual works. The project is comprised of three parts: the playListNetWork software developed in consultation with the artists, the audio visual media content work made with the software and an interface to visualize and navigate the authored structure.

playListNetWork: an opensource, distributed video editing database that allows multiple users in different locations to simultaneously annotate media clips and edit branching playlists and include textual annotation. Predicated on highspeed networks (over 20 meg).

disPlayList: the public view and interface for a streaming media work authored with the playListNetWork software. It is a web application embedded in a browser using various plugins to display the media. As an interface it is used to visualize the multi-threaded playlists and provide 3D navigation through their structure based on keyword or keyframe choices by the viewer.

Ressemblage: The first work created using the software, Ressemblage is the result of a group of artist's conversation using media. It makes manifest a world that is an extension of the premises and concepts embedded in the design of the software.


Canada Council for the Arts