video based architecture

Ressemblage (2002/03)
of the residual energy derived from a collective will exerted in the past. This energy was visible to those in-

conversation holes
metablobs hinter time penetrations
the effects locality
clingaling clangs
lamp lit words
marquee threads search of thought pointing at the visible past, your destiny on a bus.
mine the tunnel that holds the post that says stop.
locations: the track
objects: race against the track
subjects: start with hat on

the views
a garage run time torn video game
what should inhabit these halls between images?
music fit for a deco ark of pixel smeared figurines halted in morph paths. Interpolate: the verb employed when what's being translated is unnamable. Better said as a hall of time.
the database holds the known and it's names- a video memory bank, the language of awareness

Corridor force
perimeterscope on the shoulder in a three sided car.
the advancement of the snake, camera in its nape. bath torch. point light projector. I've got adds fuselage to motes in the glare. open spaces in a fluid. ask animal passengers equestrians. light pipe cleaners bump maps in light values. ossify quantize point. endiscopticon into the eye of power opener. ap point paint, the shaders saved from the U.Q.A.M. crystal, perched on rods and down stairs, a photo mat audible and reverberate its image falling in a hover of light,
volumetric vase faces profile devided by the versals hole. stuck in key words listed in descending order:


monad absorbent
glycerin ointment
galactic suplesse
entitled me in liquid and little up pents
under Night Town examination
overnight in the river I step splash
delazy eye ornament
tournament- carnival
thoughts of not jerking off.
the float point image in the heardograph bloat map.
a pen and a poke at the blockbusted id.
buffer sandwich
corners cut face folded
(illustration of tunnel)





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see video examples from the media work

"process structure of confusion"

structure: the static part of process.
encode: memory description (records of objects seen and touched)
engram: memory trace
mnomon: unit of memory
seeing what you'd expect:
the preprocessed image
image of place "consciousness"
the lurture lature debate ages on
internal or sexternal logic.
surfeit indents a swave piece
superfluous blurbacked passengers:
shigela streptococcus

buttons: a word and its meaning
propitiate the fantastic
with a prorated ego.
time of technique and art left to the despised slave

guy sitting on a benchmark
all threal trippage to montreal
blur tabackage
in media norrizon
specks of sound implied time of passage
occupy wall time
against wall time
camp learned spent
cartoon zoom in
spoke back as perched
escallier in no mean measure
upper moustash lift
unrevealed part of the person who kept their mystique $poken:
good bye given way

a flute hall seeping skin
u shapes and u notes in u channel
scrape plate sound like breaks
spindles the funnel whistle
at quit inflates air bags and pops
a posit of notes ripping up the galley
syllables: el ab or ate
ate labor
ro ta te
word builds
words house
integrity in five words
it stands alone in toblerone
la raza in a four second video buffer